Stefan Alban Kraus

Relational Psychotherapy,
Counselling and
Art Therapy

About me

I am very passionate about my work with individuals and couples of all ages and have experience in exploring, together with my clients, challenging life experiences such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, attachment or separation, loss and grief, and identity problems.

For a therapeutic and healing process, I invite my clients into a safe, welcoming and confidential space, where they can feel comfortable to lead the sessions without any pressure and at their own pace. As a therapist, I support my clients by being empathetic, by listening and by being curious, as well as by validating their experience in a non-judgemental way. Depending on their unique needs, I make use of various approaches from different theories and schools, with the intention that my clients will gain better self-knowledge to encourage personal growth.

I’m an accredited Psychodynamic Art Psychotherapist and registered with both the Health and Care Professions Council & the British Association of Art Therapists. Adhering to the guidelines and code of ethics of these organizations. Part of these being my own regular clinical supervision which I attend twice per month and which is bound by the same rules of confidentiality that all my sessions are.

I am not the best therapist for everyone. I offer a free 30-minute consultation to help us determine whether or not we are a good fit.

I work for the private pratice Caya Therapy in South London and at Putney High School.

I am interested in offering psychotherapy to all members of our society and offer concession rates for those in difficult financial positions.

Areas I work with and have experience:

Addiction and dependency
Anxiety and panic
Berievement and grief
Family issues
Health related issues
Relationship issues
Self-esteem and self-worth
Sexuality and sexual issues
Stress related issues

What is Art Therapy

Non-verbal communication in the form of artmaking can at times be very helpful when words fail, and when our thinking and reasoning feel overwhelming or blocked. I believe that artmaking within a safe therapeutic setting can be healing and nurturing.

Art can be many things, ranging from doodling, drawing or painting, to modelling, collaging, etc. If there is no artwork at the end of a session that is fine too. There are no expectations and clients are free to decide on the method, even if it means just preferring to talk instead. You do not need any artistic or technical ability to do art therapy.

Art therapy is not for everyone and there is no pressure to express yourself in this way if you feel more comfortable talking.

Fees and Location

My fee for an individual therapy session is £65, and for couples therapy it is £80, but I offer concession rates for those in difficult financial positions. Each session lasts 50 minutes.

I offer a free 30-minute initial consultation to discuss what you are looking for. This is an opportunity for us to discuss what you are hoping to get out of therapy, and give you a chance to decide if I am the best fit for you.

I am based at Caya Therapy on Fridays.

Caya Therapy, Print Village, 58 Chadwick Roadd
Peckham, London SE15 4PU 

I also offer online therapy.

What my clients said

You have a unique insight into both the outcome and the process!

Thank you so much for always being there for me and helping me through everything. I am really grateful for your support and guidance.

I am in a much better place now. Thank you.

Contact me

Stefan Alban Kraus
Mobile phone number: 07867785026

HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) AS018081
BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) 61028

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